• The brotherhood of Sigma Chi speaks volumes without saying a word.
    No words can adequately explain the intangible bonds that connect each of us. The fact that our Houston Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter has thrived and remained strong while creating such a lasting legacy of excellence for over 75 years is a shining example of the bonds of Sigma Chi.
    The history of the Houston Sigma Chi Chapter is more than just a compilation of names, dates, and schools. It is more about the dedication, enthusiasm, and creative ideas of brothers of diverse backgrounds, ages, chapters, and experiences. As with any organization, the Houston Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter takes on the personalities of its members. The Sigma Chi experience is the common thread that runs through the fabric of our fraternal brotherhood and binds us eternally together. Staying in touch was considerably difficult given the fact that methods of communication were quite limited in the early 1930’s.
    Of course, over the passing years, many of the deeds of individuals and the ongoing accomplishments for the good of our order has been lost in time to dim memories and the Chapter Eternal.

    This brief history of the Houston Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter is an attempt to permanently preserve the highlights of our history that can be passed on to our younger brothers, so they may build the future of our chapter.