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    Monthly Luncheon

    July 7, 2020, 11:30am to 12:50pm  

    1207 W. 20th Street, Houston, Tx 77008  (Shepherd @ I10)


    Future 2020 Luncheons: Aug 4, Sept 8, Oct 6



     Message from President Steve Smelley (Houston, 1980)


    Greetings Brothers 

    This is the Chapter’s first edition of the newsletter ExChange for 2020.


    At this writing I first want to extend a firm handshake grip to everyone and hope and pray that everyone is safe and are adhering to the guidelines that have been thrust upon us due to Covid-19.


    2020 Wild Game Dinner was a tremendous success! I want to thank everyone who had the opportunity of participating in the Chapter’s annual event. With the help of Past President Bill Bowlin and Wild Game Dinner Chairman Emeritus and many other Brothers on the Wild Game Dinner Committee the Chapter is now on solid financial grounds. Special Thanks to Brother Pete Bell our Keynote Speaker from Sam Houston State University and his team of Brothers from The Cotton Companies, the Dinner had over 200 plus Brothers in attendance. Grand Trustee Kelly Park contributed in a huge way of securing donations that led to a very successful Live Auction.


    I set out 2020 as your President, with goals to achieve this year. 

    1. Increase Member Participation
    2. Have more events for Families and Spouses to be participants in our order
    3. Have more diversity of Brothers contributing to the Chapter and Board of Directors.

    March was the first month of the new Administration’s Leadership team, we had our first Monthly Luncheon, First Board of Directors meeting and our first Social Happy Hour Event with many more planned for March. Then Covid 19 hits!  All activities are cancelled due to the restrictions that have been put upon all of us. Hoping there is light at the end of this tunnel for the future as the Houston Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter moves forward. I would like to report that we have been actively engaged and have conducted a virtual Happy Hour, a Virtual Board of Directors meeting and the Board and the Wild Game Dinner committee have been working diligently to plan for upcoming events and the 2021 Wild Game Dinner.


    2021 Wild Game Dinner will be held at a new venue; Hotel Derek in the Galleria area.


    Contracts have been executed and deposit made to secure the location. The Wild Game Dinner Committee is planning a star-studded event. International leaders and the Executive Committee from Headquarters along with Grand Praetors from all over the country are expected to attend the dinner. Our goal is 400 Brothers in attendance.


    Saturday, January 16, 2021 is the date. Renaissance to Brotherhood is the theme.


    We are planning upcoming events as we can safely have them. Please reach out to a Brother you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you are thinking about them and get them to participate in upcoming events. In the meantime, Stay safe.


    In Hoc Signo Vinces 

    Fraternally yours,







    Wine Tasting

    EARLY FALL 2020



     The Houston Alumni Chapter, founded in 1930.




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