Mission 365


    Mission 365 is a values-based recruitment seminar that teaches undergraduate chapters how to effectively recruit Men of Character. 365 is Sigma Chi's innovative recruitment program that intends to enhance the Fraternity membership's quality and quantity. The program addresses the recruitment issues found in many of Sigma Chi's undergraduate chapters. Many chapters which have received and implemented the program have seen a significant increase in the quality and quantity of its members.


    What is the "Mission" of Mission 365?

    • To teach all undergraduate Brothers and Alumni Advisors a recruitment process and techniques guided by Sigma Chi values and ideals
    • To introduce a strategic planning process for a chapter-wide 365-day recruitment approach integrating all available Sigma Chi resources  
    • To provide essential recruitment tools which will help Chapters identify and recruit men of character


    What are the procedures to receive Mission 365?

    Any chapter can request Mission 365, even if the chapter has received the training in the past. Priority will be given to chapter's which have never received M365. If your chapter is interested in receiving the Missin 365 program, you must first contact M365 Chairman Mike DePuydt, Texas A&M-Kingsville 1988,  at senderra@aol.com and copy Erich Sauer, Illinois Wesleyan 2006, at erich.sauer@sigmachi.orgsupport staff for Mission 365 or 847-869-3655, x300 with 2-3 dates a minimum of 5 weeks in advance of the first date requested for M365. Undergraduate chapters that are not on the Grand Praetor priority list and are interested in learning more about how they can receive a Mission 365 retreat should contact Erich Sauer at the above address.


    Why are two or three dates needed 5 weeks in advance?

    The time is needed to find a M365 Facilitator which can fit the requested dates of the chapter. It is also necessary to allow the Facilitator to collect data from various sources for the program. Airfare and shipping costs are also kept to a minimum with this requirement. 


    Who is the audience?

    • 90% of the chapter needs to commit to attend or the chapter will be charged for the expenses
    • Grand Praetors, Chapter Advisors and other alumni are encouraged to attend


    What are the responsibilities of the chapter?

    • The Consul/Recruitment Chair needs to reserve a room on campus after the date has been set. (The chapter might want to reserve the date prior to sending the dates to me, to ensure there is a room available.)
    • It is preferable for the room to have round tables which seat 8-10.  Rooms which have a desk with a writing “arm” can also be used. It is also important to have adequate room for the exercises which are part of the program. Theater style seating is least preferred as interaction among the Brothers is limited and usually there is not enough room for the exercises.
    • A projector needs to be provided for the power point presentation.
    • A continental breakfast and lunch (pizza or sandwiches and soda) is usually provided by the chapter. It is suggested not to allow the Brothers to leave the area to obtain their own food as it is difficult to get them to return on time.


    What is the length of Mission 365?

    The program requires approximately 9 hours. It is suggested that 3 hours on Fri/Sat evening and 6 hours on Sat/Sun be reserved for the program.  A one day session is possible, but makes for a long day, and is most effective for small chapters (less than 20 members). 


    Is there an overview of Mission 365 available?  Can a Chapter receive Mission 365 if they choose to pay the expenses?

    Please contact Mike Depuydt, Texas A&M-Kingsville 1988, or Erich Sauer, Illinois Wesleyan 2006. See above for their contact information.


    To request Mission 365, you may also contact local Mission 365 trained facilitators Chase Banks, Tennessee-Chattanooga 2005, at  or Sam Cimino, Stephen F. Austin 2003, at stcimino@yahoo.com.