Sigma Chi Family Picnic

  • 2011 Bud Adams Picnic Cancelled
    But HAC Sigma Chi Picnic Will Continue!
    2011 Sigma Chi Family Picnic - Place TBD!

    Unfortunately, the 2011 Bud Adams Sigma Chi Family Picnic has been cancelled... at Bud Adams Ranch.  As many of you are aware of the serious drought we are facing, the Adams Ranch is feeling the drought's wrath, from lack of water, to the lake practically bone dry.  If you are not aware, the Saturday before our own annual picnic, Brother Adams hosts his annual corporate family picnic at the Ranch, and we utilize the stand-up facilities the following Sunday.  Brother Adams cancelled his own corporate family picnic, postponed to April 2013, which forces us to cancel the HAC picnic at his Ranch.

    However, do not be discouraged!  The Houston Alumni Chapter is still planning on hosting a family picnic, and we are currently searching for other venues.  As soon as we locate a suitable venue, we will let you know. Our goal is to still host the picnic on June 5 if at all possible, so please keep the date open, but based on a venue selection, the date may change- we will keep you posted.  

    Enjoy the slideshow below of the 2010 Bud Adams Sigma Chi Annual Family Picnic:

  • Highlights:
    *Bud Adams Family Picnic Cancelled
    *HAC in search for new location for 2011
    *HAC will host a family picnic this year
    *Give YOUR input to make this year's picnic great!


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