• James Parks Caldwell, or Parks as his family called him, was the only founder of Sigma Chi to fight for the Confederacy.

    Captured at Port Hudson, LA in 1863, Caldwell was a prisoner of war at the Johnson's Island Prison Camp for 18 months. During that time Parks kept a daily diary, written in Latin, describing the prison food and conditions, as well as his classical and intellectual interests.

    51st Past Grand Consul, Dr. George Jones, Louisiana State '42, has complied and translated the diaries, as well as given us biographical material of our only Confederate founder.

    Caldwell moved to North Mississippi after the war to start a school for the children of planters (Palmetto Academy), and he later moved to Biloxi where he practiced law. Caldwell is buried in Biloxi and his grave is marked with a Founder's stone given by the Fraternity in 1934.

    Sigma Chis along with Civil War buffs will enjoy Dr. Jones' book.

    The proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards funding future Sigma Chi history books.

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