• Take a look below to view the Wild Game Dinner program covers from past years.

    If you have a copy of a program not shown here, e-mail us a copy at houstonsigs@gmail.com and we will get it on the website!

  • 53rd Annual WGD 02.16.98



    54th Annual WGD 02.15.99



    55th Annual WGD 01.31.00



    56th Annual WGD 02.05.01



    57th Annual WGD 02.11.02



    58th Annual WGD 02.03.03








    59th Annual WGD 02.23.04 



    60th Annual WGD 01.24.05 


    61st Annual WGD 02.13.06





    62nd Annual WGD 01.29.07





    63rd Annual WGD 02.11.08




    64th Annual WGD 02.09.09